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About Me

Hi I'm Fit Vic, creator of HardCore Fitness.
with over 12 years of experience as fitness professional and many more years as an athlete.
I am a YMCA qualified fitness Instructor, Certified lv3 Personal Trainer and class teacher.
I'm also a (NPC) Natural Physique competitors. 

I am one of many who are fascinated at how the human body can highly adapt and excel at a huge range of activities: from running marathons to climbing the highest mountain peaks. Though these are extreme examples of sport performance, resultant from many hours of commitment and training, it is within us all to achieve what we think are the impossible.

I've helped many people as well as a few celebrities learn how to set up a healthy work and life balanced while staying fit.
Regardless of your experience or age there no substitute for as good trainer 

The great thing about a having a trainer apart from the fact that we do all the thinking for you
is that he or she can help you maximise your time while helping you stay within your own limits so you don't overdo it.

I can also help you set goals and map out a specific schedule so you know when, how and where you'll fit in your workouts. 

As your personal trainer my ultimate aim is to train your body and mind, by teaching you the fundamentals of fitness, to help you establish a fitness routine that you can stick too and to get you the physique and lifestyle you desire.

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Fitness Services

In striving to improve your health and fitness, I offer many different programs to suit the needs of you and other that also may be looking to improve their health & wellbeing, looking to get in holiday shape or may have a special event coming up then I know just what you need. 

Personal Training

Whether you are a true beginner or a super-fit gym maniac, there are many reasons to consider personal training services From Technique training to Nutritional advice. It might be just what you need

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Group Sessions

If you are looking for an intense workout, getting motivated all and lose a few pounds all while having a laugh with friend family or co workers then a group training might just bet what your looking for You don’t need your own individual personal trainer to get a great workout. Share the pain !

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Special Events

No matter what the event is there alway to a way to train smart. Whether its London to paris, Tough Mudder a Bikini competition or you Big wedding date is fast approaching, Training for a special event is different then just training for your health

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"Ciao, my name is Nancy Dell’Olio.

when I was asked to take part in the TV programme Strictly Come Dancing. Which is an amazing privilege however I knew that if I wanted to stand any chance of making it to the finale I’d have to get back in shape.

I’ve always been conscience of my weight and try not to allow it to get out of control. To do a program like Strictly which involves a lot of holding, lifting .... Read on.

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