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Heres a few Success stories from some of my clients
Here are just a few testimonials from people I have helped why not have a read and get inspired from there story.
If they can do it so can you 

Tugba -Kingston

I've not just seen a physical improvement but my mental strength increased drastically as well. Thank you for Everything Victor
I've been training with Victor for more than 7 months and I have seen not just physical but also incredible mental improvements during this time. I have never felt stronger, healthier and more so happier in myself as a person. Victor is one of the most inspiring, hard working and motivated individuals I have met. His sessions are hard, but his enthusiasm will always help me to push through. I'm doing thing i never thought i was able to do and the results speak for them self. victor is absolutely amazing, kind dedicated to the cause and he always got a minute to listen.  If you are looking for somebody to push you to your limit, test your abilities and make you crawl out of the studio he is definitely the trainer for you.

Pam -Surrey

I thought I knew what hard work and dedication meant until I started training with Victor now i truly no the meaning
Being a Personal Trainer myself when it come's to working out and Nutrition I'd like to think I know a fair bit However when Training for something Like a Bikini Competition I was totally clueless. I've always been in good shape but nothing like Bikini Body shape so when Victor suggestion I challenge myself and try enter a bikini competition I immediately dismissed. I don't know what he saw in me to suggest it but for some unknown reason he was so sure with the right training and Nutrition and mental focus "I could achieve great things". were his words. After Month of talking and looking at a few shows I decided to go for it.  

Victor Coached me for 10 months and took me to places I never imagined I was able to reach. It was a long process as we bulked up, Cut down and toned up, but above all Victor always made sure mental strength High on his priority  as he knew the process can be mentally challenging above all else and the training and dieting was a whole new experience for me Victor pushed me and took me way out of my comfort zone and for that I can say I'm so grateful I've learned so much from him and as we continue this journey I look forward to what lays ahead   and to cut a long story short I came 3rd in my first ever Bikini competition earning a place at the British Final  Thank you Victor for believing in me


I can confidently say that due to Victor's help I've never felt fitter Running a Marathon, when the training & Nutrition is right the results speak for themeselves

My Name is Puis I first started training with Victor when I decided to do a did Run to the beat as a warm up marathon in preparation for the Paris Marathon, but after that, I took a break and started again in January. Victor quickly came up with a program for me to fit my goals and to help me really challenge myself both mentally and Physically. With only 3 months of training time to prepare for the Paris Marathon I was a bit concerned that I'd left it late but Victor helped me work on a combination of muscular endurance and cardiovascular training as well as programmes for my Core Strength and over body fitness and as a result I was able to achieve my quickest time in the 2 marathons that I have run.

Since Paris Victor has stayed with me for 2 more marathons Berlin & Athens and each one has been better and better, with 4 under my belt it was time to hang up my running shoes.
I've stayed with Victor and we've gone on to do the 3 peak challenge and were now on a
Beach Body Program
Looking forward to this transformation. 
Thanks, Victor.

Nancy -London

Every every session has been exactly what I was looking and my Core strength has improved my Muscular definition has improved as well as my fitness. Even after strictly I've continued to have Victor as my Personal trainer.
Few year's ago I was asked to take part in the TV programme Strictly Come Dancing. Which is an amazing privilege however I knew that if I wanted to stand any chance of making it to the finale I'd have to get back in shape. I've always been conscious of my weight and try not to allow it to get out of control. To do a program like Strictly which involves a lot of holding, lifting and balance you need a lot of core strength which is not one of my many strength. So I decided to get a Personal Trainer someone who is Flexible, Energetic and Specializes in Core strength. That's when a friend referred me to Victor and his HardCore Fitness, Every session has been exactly what I was looking for and my Core strength has improved my Muscular definition has improved as well as my fitness. Even after strictly I've continued to have Victor as my Personal trainer.